Bilateral Transverse Sinus Hypoplasia: A Rare Case Report

Elyar Sadeghi-Hokmabadi, Masoud Poureisa, Neda Ghaemian, Zahra Parsian


The dural sinuses are pathways for drainage of blood from brain to the internal jugular veins. Occipital sinus is a rare normal anatomical variaton of dural sinuses which acts as an alternatve drainage pathway when the transverse sinuses are hypoplastc. It drains blood from skull and brain to the internal jugular vein. The variatons can culminate in wrong diagnosis and imaging interpretaton. We reported a 33 years old pregnant woman presented with headache and normal neurological examinaton. Magnetc resonance imaging and magnetc resonance venography studies revealed occipital sinus as the main drainage pathway of the brain. Both the transverse sinuses were hypoplastc. Without considering this rare variaton such conditons can culminate in wrong diagnosis, which can be prevented by reportng such rare conditons.

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